Arts and Health

Over the last few years we have become increasingly involved in delivering ‘Arts and Health’ projects in settings ranging from a women’s refuge to a mental health ward, we deliver projects for a wide range of people with health needs including the elderly, people with dementia, people with autism and those with mental and wellbeing issues.  Our team of artists utilise their creative and arts based skills, knowledge and expertise to develop bespoke arts experiences for these groups.  We encourages people to explore their own creativity and develop their individuality, confidence and self-belief. The experience of engaging in an art and health based project can have a profound experience on an individual and can be a valuable tool in their recovery journey.


"Can I just say one thing?’ That’s what you used to say, ‘Can I just say one thing?’ That’s how you made me stay,

‘Can I just say one thing?’ My fear grew every day, But now you’re saying nothing because I walked away."

(Judith House Women’s Refuge, Participant in music project)





Arts and Health


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